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Education is the root of universal CHANGE

Unity Program

Bocas del Toro witnesses the vicious cycle of poverty inherited by children from from their parents, generation to generation.  The term "Unity" is used to represent the initiative to provide education to ALL children, despite their social class, in order to create a robust and sustainable community. 

Why ALL children?

A thriving community depends on ALL of its members, using every individual’s unique gifts as a valuable component serving the whole.  Leaving some without quality education will be reflected in the overall stability of community. 

Why Bocas del Toro?

Bocas del Toro, Panama is recognized as having the poorest education in the country, where parents struggle to find resources that will prepare their children for the future.  Many children suffer from the deficit of quality education, inevitably inhibiting their access to: higher education, well-paid and fulfilling careers, and physical and mental health. Sparse education is apparent with streets and beaches littered with garbage, lack of qualified medical attention, and low standards of physical health. 
Unity offers a progressive and alternative style of instruction that is available for ALL children, from vacationing tourists and residents of Panama, while TYLA sponsors children to attend at a discount or for free based on their salary. 

Services for sponsored children will focus on:

  • English Classes
  • Mentors
  • Access to resources
  • Community contributions
  • Educational activities
  • General child care

TYLA anticipates the following outcomes from the above services:

  • Increased opportunity for the underprivileged, especially through education
  • Union of social classes
  • Integration of underprivileged into community

But remember, Unity is for ALL children.  The integration of ALL children is an important component of Unity, allowing diversity and transfer of knowledge and awareness within the community.     

Panama residents and tourist children will be engaged in:

-BILINGUAL education, with lessons given in a mix of English and Spanish
-SUSTAINABILITY practices (gardening, recycling and reusing, problem-solving with limited resources)
-SCIENCE projects and experiments (hands-on, interactive)

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Volunteer or Intern Abroad!

A community needs YOU!  Contact us for the opportunity to live, learn and most importantly HELP by teaching English and  serving as a role model for these children. 

Our Volunteer Abroad Program in Panama will provide you with:

• TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Certification • Possibility for a long-term, paid position
• Assistance in flight-booking and housing • Experience with greatly influencing the future of a worthy community
• Working Visa

Additional Benefits:

• Learn Spanish and the local Indigenous language • See first-hand the impact on the lives of children
• Enjoy the tropical beaches, wildlife and water sports of Panama

Primary Responsibilities:

• Serve as a teacher and mentor for ages 5+ • Teach English in a stimulating, fun and interactive manner