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We believe Education is for EVERYONE

Unity Program

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote Unity and interconnectedness among all of humanity, reducing poverty and oppression by practicing equality and using integration techniques; especially through means of education and awareness in youth.

Guiding Principles

-Poverty can be cured by education and integration

-Poverty affects everyone in a society by influencing: economic stability, visual appeal, and social customs and standards.

-Literate communities defeat ignorance and poverty

-Sustainability practices cure poverty and economic stability including: environmental consciousness and local agriculture

What We Believe

The term "Unity " is used as a reminder that we are all ONE, interconnected human race; we must love and support each other.  The Unity Program welcomes ALL children into one workspace as to create equality, eliminate discrimination and become one as a people. 

We are shaping our world through our youth.  Their spirits, bodies and minds are the tools they will use to reshape our world in the future.

We believe all children deserve the opportunity to benefit from a happy and stimulating educational environment, encouraging role models and the chance to push their capacity to the peak.    

Unity is stationed in Bocas del Toro, Panama functioning as a safe, loving and educational environment where children are respected as individuals and educated according to a philosophy and guidelines that are customized based on the prevalent issues in this specific region.

Why Bocas del Toro?

For children living in Bocas del Toro, barriers are found everywhere – in their schools, homes and in the community as a whole– limiting their potential and drastically minimizing their access to education, recreation, positive relationships and hope for the future.

The poverty in Bocas del Toro has been exacerbated by the limited educational resources on the restricted island of only 9,000 inhabitants.  Children are left without skills that properly prepare them for success as adults. 

Bocas del Toro has an ideal setting to create diversity and awareness among cultures, language and social classes as it experience a major influx of immigrants and tourists living and passing through.  This melting pot of foreign mixes is the appropriate environment to practice integration at its finest: through different types of people doing unique things, serving the common good of everyone through “Unity”. 

Who benefits from Unity?

As Unity suggests, everyone is interconnected and therefore individual benefits can benefit whole communities, countries, continents and worlds!  In Bocas del Toro, educating and integrating ALL children together will influence the community as a whole; adding to visual appeal, economic stability and a safer environment for everyone. 

Studies show that:

-Educational inequity contributes to higher unemployment and weaker economies.

-Educational inequity sustains crime and violence.

-Educational inequity perpetuates poverty.

So the answer is, the WHOLE COMMUNITY benefits from education that is accessible to all classes.

Marginalized and at-risk youth are a specific focus as they are deprived completely of the benefits that Unity provides, while other children often have additional support from home.  These benefits include:

  • A safe place where their thoughts and ideas are heard
  • A knowledgeable and positive support system
  • Mental stimulation through educational activities 

Educational Philosophy

The independence of each child is of primary concern.  Children must be shown how to learn, instead of what to learn.  This allows them the opportunity to create their own path that is unique and appropriate for their individuality, adapt to new environments, face challenges, and seek innovative answers.  The child must be able to think and do on their own in order to find security and happiness personally and to serve as a purposeful and productive component of any society. 

How do we cultivate independence?

·         Independence and Freedom:  Children naturally seek stimulation.  When they have the freedom to self-entertain, they engage in activities that are interesting to them and at a level that suits them.  Studies show that during free play, children concentrate longer, quicker and retain information better, as it allows children to follow the natural development of the brain, 

·         Trust:  A trusting relationship between adults and children is the key in creating an effective learning atmosphere.  Staff at Unity allow children to make suggestions and execute their own ideas.  The freedom of the child provokes the foundation for a loving and trusting relationship.  Children respect adult’s boundaries when children’s thoughts and ideas are respected.  Most importantly, the child will learn at maximum capacity as his mind will be free to reach for the stars and his efforts will not be stunted by fear.

·         Stimulation:  As stimulation is a natural part of children’s desires, an array of activities and projects will be encouraged.  Our Foundation Practices (detailed below) represent the priorities at Unity, all of which promote a sustainable, stable and peaceful society.

·         Movement:  Children have ENERGY.  As they engage in their search for stimulation, a combination of hormones and endorphins are released, propelling them on a physical and exploratory journey.  Children are encouraged to release this natural energy, allowing them to free up their capacity for studious and concentrated learning.

Foundation Practices (Our Program )

The following expresses a base of practices at Unity.  As Unity suggests, everything is connected, and with this foundation, all is relevant and will eventually be explored.  The children are allowed freedom to explore their interests, and the following does not limit those possibilities.  

1.  Bilingualism:  Instruction is given in both English and Spanish

2.  Environmental Science and Sustainability: From the atomic level to the cosmological level covering the production and use of items that inevitably affect the environment, also recycle, reuse, pollution, and  climate change (not only applying these concepts but more importantly the science behind it

3.  Nature Appreciation: Gardening, respect for nature, responsibility for living entities

4.  Health (physical, mental) – Sports, meditation, food preparation and cooking;

The above Foundation Practices have been carefully constructed based on the prevalent issues in Bocas del Toro and are anticipated to produce the results that cure these problems.  

Children will benefit from:

  • Bilingual Instruction
  • Educational activities
  • Mentors
  • Access to resources
  • Community contributions
  • Progressive teaching techniques
  • General child care


  • Equal opportunity for ALL children (educational equity)
  • Increased opportunity for the underprivileged, especially through education
  • Union of social classes
  • Integration of underprivileged into community
  • Sustainable and economically stable community

Work Abroad Program

A community needs YOU!  Contact us for the opportunity to live, learn and most importantly HELP by teaching and  serving as a role model for these children. 

Our Work Abroad Program in Panama will provide you with:

-TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Certification

-Weekly Stipend

-Guidance in flight-booking and housing

-Experience in greatly influencing the future of a worthy community

-Working Visa

Additional Benefits:

-Learn Spanish and the local Indigenous language

-See first-handed the impact on the lives of children

-Enjoy the tropical beaches, wild life and water sports of Panama

Primary Responsibilities:

-Serve as a teacher and mentor for ages 5+

-Teach in a stimulating, fun and interactive manner